All OTC equity symbols are issued by FINRA and follow the standard four character symbol convention used by Nasdaq. A fifth character is used to indicate a particular security type or status (e.g. bankruptcy, delinquent in filings).

The guide below is not absolute as exceptions to the rule are possible and do occur; however, it is a good reference tool for analyzing securities.

Fifth character Description
A Class A Shares
B Class B Shares
D New Issue – this usually occurs in the case of a reverse split.
E Delinquent in Filings
F Foreign Issue
G First Convertible Bond
H Second Convertible Bond
I Third Convertible Bond
J Voting Trust Shares
K Non–Voting Shares
L Miscellaneous situations such as certificates of participation, preferred participation, and stubs
M Fourth Preferred Issue
N Third Preferred Issue
O Second Preferred Issue
P First Preferred Issue
Q Bankruptcy
R Rights Issue
S Shares of Beneficial Issues
T Securities with Warrants or Rights
U Units
V When issued and When Distributed
Z Miscellaneous situations such as certificates of preferred when issued

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