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Equity research is a cornerstone of better informed and more efficient markets. With traditional coverage tied to trading activity, it can be difficult for smaller companies to receive analyst attention and for smaller investors to access research. That's why OTC Markets Group has created our Research Marketplace - to provide our OTCQX and OTCQB companies with research providers tailored to meet their specific needs.

Investors value third party research, as it provides an independent view of a company's performance, valuation estimates, and analysis of their financials, operations and management. Analysts' reports and earnings estimates in financial databases provide key data points for both fundamental and quantitative investors. Widespread access to high quality analyst coverage helps online and institutional investors make informed decisions in order to better analyze and benchmark a company and helps the company maximize its public market visibility, valuation and liquidity.

ACF is an independent equity research house with global distribution, specialising in institutional research. Our culture and product is highly tailored for our corporate clients in order to deliver accuracy, clarity and foresight to portfolio managers. ACF's extended service platform is powered by large cap partners. Our sales trading execution partner has Pan-Euro, US and Asian reach with over 1500 active institutional fund management client firms.

ACF Equity Research is an Appointed Representative of City & Merchant Ltd. which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK).

125 Old Broad Street
London, EC2N 1AR
+44 20 7558 8974
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ACF Research Sample
ACF Research Sample

Sidoti & Company, LLC founded in 1999, is Wall Street's preeminent provider of equity research generally focused on companies with market capitalizations under $3 billion. Sidoti approach affords its clients:

  • high-quality research (250+ companies covered)
  • a small- and micro-cap company focused nationwide sales effort
  • broad access to corporate management teams
  • extensive trading support

Sidoti's experienced sales force and trading desk serve nearly 500 institutional clients in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., including many leading managers of portfolios with $200 million to $2 billion of assets.

Sidoti also hosts a biannual fee-based Emerging Growth Convention in New York, and is a provider of company sponsored research.

Sidoti is a registered broker-dealer with the SEC and a FINRA member firm.

122 East 42nd Street
New York, NY, 10168
+1 212-894-3313
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Edison is an investment research and advisory company, with offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East and AsiaPac. The heart of Edison is our world renowned equity research platform and deep multi-sector expertise. At Edison Investment Research, our research is widely read by international investors, advisors and stakeholders. Edison Advisors leverages our core research platform to provide differentiated services including investor relations and strategic consulting.

Edison Investment Research is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK).

245 Park Avenue, 39th Floor
New York, NY, 10167
+1 646-653-7028
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